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Therapeutic Bodywork and Exercise in Portland Oregon

Do you experience frequent or chronic pain? Restrictions in movement, or a general sense of fatigue?  Has a recent injury, illness, or medical procedure kept you from being as active as you like? 

I’m Robert Head, Licensed Massage Therapist and Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. I founded Bodywork Balance to help people relieve pain, improve performance, and move with greater vitality and ease.

I use craniosacaral therapy and myofascial bodywork to facilitate your body’s natural ability to heal and rebalance.  Additionally, I teach Pilates and therapeutic exercise to reinforce new movement patterns and gently condition your body for greater strength and daily performance.  Bodywork Balance combines these resources to empower you in a more integrated relationship to your body and a compassionate, proactive approach to your health. 


Bodywork Balance

Why Bodywork Balance?

  • Specialization in myofascial and craniosacral therapies provides subtle work at the deepest levels for better, long lasting results
  • Expertise in Pilates and exercise enhances your bodywork session with individualized movement and self-care tools
  • Success with stress injuries, migraines, and post-surgical recovery
  • Private movement and Pilates sessions for general fitness and recovery
  • More than two decades in fitness, massage, and bodywork
  • You will develop bodily awareness and skills that will help you meet physical challenges for life

My Vision

Bodywork balance is a therapeutic space offering mindful bodywork and exercise for greater health, awareness, and well-being. Regardless of your race, religion, sex, gender, or sexual orientation it is always my intention to meet you where you are as you are. I believe that attention to your body, mind, and emotional well-being is not an indulgence but a requirement for gracefully meeting life's challenges and building nurturing, coherent relationships for stronger communities and a better society.